On Friday the 15th of June, in honour of Youth Day, the male pupils and staff from Westerford High School marched to the Baxter Theatre in Rondebosch, taking a stand against the abuse of women and children, which is a prevalent part of South African society. The march was a way for all the male members of the Westerford community to show their support for the various movements highlighting the issues regarding this abuse, as well as expressing their desire to help bring about the end of any gender-based violence.

At 13:30, the pupils and teachers, as well as some parents, Old Westerfordians and representatives from Rondebosch Boys High and Wynberg Boys High, met on the front lawns of Westerford, from where they began the march to the Baxter Theatre.

The march was spearheaded by Westerford Head Prefect, Shalom Abiodun, and many pupils carried placards depicting inspiring messages such as “Change Starts with You” and “Listen to Womxn”.

Once at the Baxter Theatre, many of the students attended a special performance of the docu-drama #JustMen. The production was eye-opening and encourages all men to take a stand against the abuse of women through highlighting and unpacking several key issues such as sexual harassment, rape, abuse and murder that has been and still is being perpetrated against the women and children of South Africa and around the world.

The production challenged all pupils and teachers to think about how their own actions could be offensive and problematic, as well as creating a healthy dialogue regarding the issues of abuse against women and children in South Africa. The production was followed a by a question and answer session between the cast of #JustMen and the audience.

The march was a fantastic way for the Westerford Community to pledge their support towards the struggle to eliminate gender-based violence and abuse and it is certainly only the beginning of a greater stand against the violence that is prevalent in society today.

#JustMen will run at the Baxter Theatre until the 30th of June.