Plus, Westerford’s society for the LGBTQIA+ community, hosted Mziyanda Malgas -  also known as Queen Lohanda - during second break on Tuesday 30 October.

Mziyanda, 21, addressed many topics, focusing on toxic masculinity present in same-sex boys’ schools and elaborating on how he ‘navigated his queerness’.


Throughout his prep and high school career, Mziyanda dealt with varying levels of bullying. Being flamboyant and not conforming to the stereotypical and ‘acceptable’ norm present in his school led to his peers making assumptions about his sexuality, before he had even had the opportunity to discover it himself. He found that he was changing himself to fit in to the dynamic and expectation at his school, and wondering what he was doing wrong to be called gay.


Mziyanda spoke about the relief of coming out, and being able to accept who you are and not caring about anyone else’s opinion. He does not claim to be an activist, but someone who is tired of the injustices and imbalances queer people suffer from day to day. He encourages people to ‘champion their queerness’.

‘Queer is not a caricature’


Mziyanda’s experience has been trying, but has taught him how to ‘navigate his queerness’ and provides inspiration and solace to current high schoolers.


Ella Pike Grade 11