"Out with the old and in with the new" - 2018 Grade 8 Welcome


As the Matrics continue with their final exams and they head off into future ventures, we say hello to a brand new set of bright, wide-eyed pupils: the Grade Eights of  2018.

Earlier this month, approximately 180 anxious Grade Sevens and their equally apprehensive parents arrived at Westerford for the annual Grade Eight welcome. The soon-to-be Westerford pupils waited nervously in the Hall for proceedings to begin, attempting to make small talk with each other.

Mr le Roux began the afternoon speaking about being a Westerfordian and what it entails, namely respect. What followed was the head prefects, Hanaa’ Toefy and Shalom Abiodun, speaking about their experiences at Westerford and giving advice to the Grade Sevens as to how to each make their own Westerford career a successful one. Pupils listened intently to the prefects speaking about the various portfolios of Sport, Culture and Service at Westerford, and how there are so many ways for one to get involved.

No sooner had their nerves begun to settle, when that nervousness returned, for it was announced that the new pupils would be required to write the infamous Afrikaans test which every Westerfordian remembers so clearly. With the adrenalin pumping, answers were quickly scribbled onto the page in the short fifteen minutes allocated.

Thankfully, after the test the Grade Seven pupils could enjoy a delicious doughnut and quench their thirst with a refreshing cup of juice.

To end the afternoon on a high, the prefects rounded the day off with lots of interactive games to try to help the future Grade Eights to get to know each other. From trying to untangle one another to exposing one’s truths in “Two Truths and a Lie”, the ‘newbies’ were able to leave having got to know one everyone a little better, and feeling a little less stressed about the upcoming year, and the new beginnings.

Thank you to all involved for putting in the time and effort to host such a memorable afternoon, and for helping to ease away the fears of our future little fish in the big Westerford pond.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sarah Woolard, Grade 11