Matric Barn Dance

The final year at Westerford is marked with many moments that are the final steps in the journey of high school.  One of these events is the Matric Barn Dance; it was held last Thursday and turned out to be an  evening that bubbled with laughter and the creation of warm memories.The Matrics,dressed in somewhat subdued elements of cowboy and cowgirl attire, trickled into the hall with feelings of trepidation.  After a warm welcome from the instructors, the dancing began with a simple line dance. As time slowly passed, so did the fears of embarrassment fade, with many embracing their awkward movements as they stepped to the rhythmic music. The unexpected physical exertion soon left left the grade clambering for the tantalizing spread of snacks on offer.Swinging and stepping to classic tracks from Footloose, and twisting and turning to songs like Achy Breaky Heart, the matrics found their groove. Carefree laughter swung around the hall as partners mastered the do-si-do. The clapping of hands and stamping of feet shook the hall as everybody became more and more comfortable with the dances.

The lesson in barn dancing ended with many matrics fanning their sweaty selves and harbouring a twinkle of mirth in their eyes. At the end, Thomas Atwood and Chelsea van Coller won best-dressed, as Toy Story’s Woody and Jessie respectively.Finding the energy to carry on, the grade reverted to its natural choice of dance: trance blared as the lights flashed wildly, and the night ended with many matrics thoroughly spent.This special event, although fleeting, will remain as a milestone that marks the journey to the end of high school; a night that - although originally frightening - transitioned to become one of new joyous memories with great friends.

Linah Jokazi