Blood Clinic February 2018



The Western Cape relies on donors for over 165 000 units of blood annually. These donations impact 495 000 lives every year.


On Wednesday 28 February, numerous Westerfordians participated in a blood drive run by the WP Blood Transfusion Service and facilitated by our own First Aid Society. While only 90 students met the strict criteria for donation, many more arrived with the intention to contribute to this admirable cause.


Without regular donations, the province’s blood bank would run dry in less than 3 days. Blood donation is a fast, relatively painless procedure, but the difference it makes is absolutely invaluable. A single donation may save up to three lives!


If you lead a healthy lifestyle and may be eligible to donate in future, visit to see how you can get involved.


Thanks to all Westerfordians who donated!


Nadia Odendaal, Grade 11