Concerto Festival


The Westerford Music Department is so vast and talented that, often, the biennial Classical Pops event is just not enough to showcase all that the department has to offer.


And so, the concerto festival was proposed  …


The process to make this event happen was not a simple one. Auditions for the soloists were held early in the first term, meaning that many musicians were preparing their audition pieces while the rest of the school was relaxing on holiday. Once the soloists had been decided, the orchestra and concert band began to focus all their efforts on starting, and then perfecting their accompaniment. This was a mammoth task, as all the accompaniments were originals, and not simplified versions. Performing the originals meant that the orchestra would need to reach a level close to that of professionalism.


They were able to accomplish just that.


The Concerto Festival was held on the 16th of August in the Noel Taylor Hall. The Concert Band started the night off with a waltz, followed by a contemporary and quick piece (Slovanic Rhapsody - Dvorak) that made the audience want more. Soon after that, the orchestra quickly set up and began the night of concertos.


It was an exceptional night that showcased only the top talent that Westerford Music has to offer. Well done to the music teachers, Mrs Penny, Mr Narun, Mr Haigh, Mrs Grobbelaar, Mr Daniel, and Mrs Ainsworth for putting in all the hard work and effort that you did. Well done to the orchestra and concert band for putting in extra hours of practise and rehearsal; it really paid off fantastically.


A special congratulations to the soloists:


Naomi Fokkens

Mendolssohn Violin Concerto


Tessa van Schaik

Mozart Romanza


Nadia Fokkens

Faure Elegie


William Moultrie

Haydn Andante


Alice Schmidt

Shostakovich Piano Concerto


Thank you, all, for a wonderful concert, filled with so much talent.


  • Megan Cresswell - Grade 12