Vera and Huis Luckoff


Interact Visits: Vera School and Huis Luckhoff


Every week Interact takes a group of pupils to Huis Luckhoff or Vera. Last week, many pupils  went to Huis Luckhoff Retirement Centre. Here, they were able to play games with the residents while catching up on some great gossip. As usual, we were treated to lovely tea and treats and, altogether, had a great time.


This Tuesday, Mr Anderson took a group of pupils to Vera School for Autistic Children. There, from arrival until tea time, Westerfordians played games with the children. The Vera pupils love running around and chatting with the Westerford pupils. Because we visit regularly, we have a very close relationship with many of the children from Vera and it is always great to visit them. From teatime onwards, we are encouraged to spend quiet time with the children and this is where we find time to bond and catch up.


Thank you, everyone, for coming to Interact’s events and for making the time to spend the afternoon with people who always appreciate the company and friendship.


Megan Cresswell, 12