On Friday 15th June, in honour of Youth Day, the female pupils and staff from Westerford High School attended a talk given by Kathleen Dey, Social Worker and Director of Rape Crisis, Cape Town. Rape Crisis is an organisation supporting the recovery of survivors, seeking justice and making a change in communities. Its goal is to promote an end to violence against women - specifically rape - and to reduce the trauma experienced by survivors. The talk addressed the issues surrounding rape and rape culture, specifically rape culture within schools. Kathleen discussed questions such as “What is rape?”, “What is consent?” and “What is sexual harassment?”. The discussion then opened up to the school, where extremely thought-provoking questions were asked, such as “Is there a culture that promotes sexual harassment at school?” and “What can all students do to stop this?” This talk was extremely revealing of the fact that an underlying rape culture exists in our communities, even at schools, and is an extremely serious issue. The talk highlighted the importance of educating each other about inappropriate behaviour and what to do about it.


Rape Crisis helpline: 021 4479762

Website:  www.rapecrisis.org.za

Facebook page: Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust

Twitter: @RapeCrisis

Instagram: rape_crisis_capetown

To volunteer you must be over 18 and volunteer sign up is on the donate page.


  • Ciara Dunsby

          Grade 12



Interact Visits: Vera School and Huis Luckhoff


Every week Interact takes a group of pupils to Huis Luckhoff or Vera. Last week, many pupils  went to Huis Luckhoff Retirement Centre. Here, they were able to play games with the residents while catching up on some great gossip. As usual, we were treated to lovely tea and treats and, altogether, had a great time.


This Tuesday, Mr Anderson took a group of pupils to Vera School for Autistic Children. There, from arrival until tea time, Westerfordians played games with the children. The Vera pupils love running around and chatting with the Westerford pupils. Because we visit regularly, we have a very close relationship with many of the children from Vera and it is always great to visit them. From teatime onwards, we are encouraged to spend quiet time with the children and this is where we find time to bond and catch up.


Thank you, everyone, for coming to Interact’s events and for making the time to spend the afternoon with people who always appreciate the company and friendship.


Megan Cresswell, 12

GSI’s Plastic Pollution Week


Recently, GSI (Green Schools Initiative) conducted a very successful, event-filled week in order to raise awareness of the ongoing struggle against plastic pollution in oceans.


Plastic and other harmful materials in the ocean is an increasingly more dangerous problem: alarmingly, the amount of plastic in the oceans is set to triple by 2025.  Current plastic litter-levels are causing a disruption of the food chain, an increase in air and land pollution, and are posing serious threats to many sea creatures.


The week began with a fundraising Cake Sale on Monday. On Tuesday a documentary about plastic pollution was screened, followed by a litter cleanup on Wednesday. The school week ended with a representative of the Two Oceans’ Aquarium speaking about the harmful effects of plastic bags, but GSI went above and beyond, even scheduling a visit to the aquarium on Friday’s public holiday.


All in all it was a highly successful week of interesting, exciting events which created awareness of the severity of the problem.


  • Gabi Crafford - Grade 10