Taxi Cab: The Ride of your Life

Taxi Cab: The Ride of your Life

Taxi Cab: The Ride of your Life

It’s the 27th of July, and for a Thursday night Westerford is surprisingly alive. However, this isn’t any ordinary night. This isn’t any ordinary Thursday night either. After months of anticipation and a week of stressful, late-night rehearsals, the Grade 11s of 2017 are about to perform their first of three performances of Westerford’s annual Cabaret.

The opening night of Taxi Cab, this year’s Cabaret, was met with a huge amount of excitement as the first few acts lined up to perform. The opening number, a parody of the famous The Simpson’s Intro, kicked off the show with a bang and helped to start up a climbing atmosphere which hung over the School for the entire run of the show.

The continuity which brought all of the performances together into a Cabaret was Taxi Cab. The plot of two gangsters stealing a Taxi and taking foreigners around our beautiful Mother City was filled with twists and turns, and also a lot of slang, necessitating the insertion of a glossary in the front of the Cabaret programme. The leads, played by Salmaan Mollagee and Kiyan Thornton, nailed their roles with their attitudes and postures, giving gut-busting performances.

The true spirit of Cabaret was brought to stage in the final act, where the entire Grade 11 body crowded into the hall to sing Stay with You, with lead vocals provided by Brave Twahirwa and Saskia Welz. The moving performance was a way to show the strong bonds the grade had both formed and kept over the period of Cabaret, and was a stunning finale for the show.

All in all, Taxi Cab was a life-changing experience for many Grade 11s and helped to recreate the image of the Westerford tradition.

All I have left to say is, good luck to the Grade 10s for 2018!

Piper Turner, 11A