Society EXPO

Society EXPO

On Thursday, 31 July 2014, the SCC/CCC EXCO hosted a Society EXPO in the Southern Centre. All the schools’ clubs/societies were requested to create a poster and bring other items which they placed on tables around the venue to promote their societies to the pupils and encourage them to sign up for the committees in the approaching cultural year.

This helped learners to know precisely what the societies are about as their goals, mottos, events hosted, ways to get involved and society members were put on posters, flyers and laptops.

It was most beneficial to the Grade 8s as they were able to learn more about the service societies as they can sign up for them for first time, and the Grade 9s who can sign up for cultural societies for the first time.

To make this EXPO even more fun and exciting, the Sound Team was playing music requested by the different societies, the smoke machine was on, society members were dressed up and more.  The EXPO was also interactive as societies had games such as having the pupils answer a question about their society, write their names on a decorated page or paint on a huge canvas to receive food, sweets, roses and cake in return.

All those who attended had fun and are excited for the upcoming cultural year.

Thabile Majodina