Societies Launch

Societies Launch


On Tuesday 31st January, the smell of pizza was in the air and Woolworths ready-made meal containers were in the bins. It could only mean one thing: a late-night rehearsal.Tuesday’s rehearsal was a bit of a shambles with the fifty-five-minute show taking an agonising three hours for one run through. All the committees knew they were going to have to put 110% effort into the second and final rehearsal, even if it meant sacrificing study time for that all-important test.

And that’s what everyone did! With lots of hard work and a little less sleep, the societies were able to have two fantastic run-throughs on Wednesday night and Societies Launch 2017 was ready to blow the Grade 8s away.Once Thursday came around, everyone was a little more tired and a whole lot more nervous. The time had arrived for everyone to show off their societies onstage or on-screen in order to showcase the vastness and diversity of Culture and Service at Westerford.

With the buzzing of the audience in the Hall, everyone started to get butterflies in their stomachs. Media team pressed play and the Exco’s video played. Societies Launch had started with a bang!From talking trees to love stories over pizza, Societies Launch 2017 had it all, ending with an incredible performance from the talented Rock Band. Through the tears of laughter and deafening applause, Societies Launch 2017 was a highly entertaining and informative experience for the entire School, but most importantly, the Grade 8s were able to learn about Westerford and why it truly is the School that never sleeps.

Thank you to Sound, Media and Lightingfor all their incredible work and to all the performers for making a truly phenomenal Societies Launch.

By Sarah Woolard, Grade 11