Foreign Cultures Quiz Week

Foreign Cultures Quiz Week


Last week, the Foreign Cultures Society held a Foreign Cultures Quiz Week.  Foreign Cultures is a society which aims to expose all Westerfordians to the many different cultures in South Africa, throughout the world, but most importantly the cultures that are a part of Westerford. Three quizzes took place, one each day at first break, at which time pupils were free to arrive and take part. Each quiz was made up of ten marks, the overall mark of the week being thirty marks.

The first quiz, compiled by committee member Lucas Rosenfield (10), asked for pupils to name the country in which a capital city was based. This quiz was won by Jesse Schuller (11). The second quiz, put together by committee member Sarah Woolard  (11), asked pupils to name the continent in which a country was based. This quiz was won by Shuaib Akojee (10). One of Westerford’s Physical Science teachers, Mr Gabru, took part in this quiz too, which hilariously increased the competitiveness of the students taking part. The third quiz, ***assembled*** drawn up by committee member Aileen Lee (11), asked pupils to choose which country a particular national symbol belonged to; four options were provided. This quiz was won by Josh Robins (10).The three quizzes challenged all who took part, as some had never heard of the countries or cities mentioned. This proved that the society was fulfilling its purpose through creating awareness of the many unique places that exist throughout the world.

Well done to Greg Orpen-Lyall, who was the overall winner of all three quizzes. Thank you to everyone that contributed and took part in this event.

Rebecca Helman (12)