Foreign Cultures' Chinese Cooking

Foreign Cultures' Chinese Cooking


If one were to have roamed the passageways on the 11th May, one might have wondered what that delicious smell was coming from Mrs Lamont’s classroom. The answer: spring rolls and Chinese noodles.

Last Thursday Foreign Cultures hosted Mr Li who taught some Westerford pupils the art of Chinese cooking. Mr Li began teaching Mandarin in the middle of last year at Westerford and Foreign Cultures was quick to utilise his skills in the kitchen. This was the third instalment of “Chinese Cooking with Mr Li” and was probably the most successful so far.

Pupils were quick to sign up for the opportunity, with many requesting to be added after the sign-up sheet was full!  On the day, pupils eagerly anticipated the moment when they could finally eat some delicious spring rolls! By the time 2nd break rolled around most were rushing to get into Mrs Lamont’s classroom, itching for the Chinese cooking masterclass to begin.

The event was a huge success as Mr Li enthusiastically gave some tips and tricks on how to cook spring rolls and taught the Westerford pupils how to prepare a Chinese beef and noodle dish. All the pupils were able to learn something new and have some fun but best of all, got to eat delicious food at the end of it!

Thank you to Foreign Cultures and Mr Li for hosting such a fantastic and tasty event.

                                                                                                            Sarah Woolard, Grade 11