Whilst many would have stayed snuggled up in bed on one of the few cold mornings in Cape Town, thirteen Grade 11s and Mr Dicks got up bright and early for an exciting trip to the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK) in Oudtshoorn.

The KKNK, the largest Afrikaans cultural festival in South Africa, turns the sleepy town of Oudtshoorn into a colourful and chaotic melting pot of performance, theatre, sound and visual art for just one week each year and is a great place for local talent to be discovered and appreciated.

As everyone climbed onto the bus, the excitement kicked in and we were all raring to go and get started on the five-hour journey. Unfortunately the bus wasn’t as ready as we were to leave and it was another hour before we set off for the gruelling journey to the Klein Karoo.

After hours of singing, sleeping and sitting, Oudtshoorn came into sight and we could finally get off the bus and stretch our legs. We met up with Ms Hanekom and two other pupils who had come from nearby towns and then all headed out for some much-needed lunch.

Later in the afternoon we attended the hilarious comedy show, Ooms, which tells the tale of two old men attempting to escape an old-age home. After much laughter, we all were left to explore the unique town of Oudtshoorn. It was definitely an excellent start to the tour!

On the second day, we set off  **bright and early** straight after breakfast, eager to make as many memories as possible with a limited amount of time. We visited Rivierbuurt which was home to musicians, a flea market, rides and much more. After lots of shopping and being attacked by bees, it was off to a play called Die Vrou uit die See which tells the story of a sick woman who is involved in a complex love triangle. Although the play was confusing for most, it was an excellent showcase piece of Afrikaans work.

With moods having been slightly dampened by the sad play, we decided to liven things up and attend a concert by the legendary South African singer, Bobby Van Jaarsveld. Despite being the only English-speaking people in the crowd, we contributed our share of fun with our dancing and best efforts to sing along to his songs. It was definitely a highlight of the entire tour.

The third day was a truly unforgettable day as we had the unusual privilege of being able to feed elephants! After hugs and kisses from the elephants at Buffelsdrift Game Lodge and some fighting back tears of joy, we were served a delicious breakfast of fruit salad, muffins and more which all made a great morning event even better. Later in the afternoon, a smaller group headed off in the bus to tour the world-famous Cango Caves just outside Oudtshoorn. The caves put everyone in awe and some pupils and Mr Dicks even braved the Adventure Tour which included leopard-crawling through a tunnel of a mere 31cm in height! After a full-on workout in the caves, the group climbed back onto the bus with many needing a good shower. The evening ended with a bang as we all attended a hilarious comedy by great South African comedian, Schalk Bezuidenhout. The day was definitely one to remember!

When we awoke on the fourth and final day, everyone was sad to realise we would soon be leaving the small town of Oudtshoorn to return **back** to normal life in the busy streets of Cape Town. Fortunately, the whole KKK experience ended on a high note with our attending an emotional play  called Fragment performed by a cast from Durbanville High School; many of us regarded Fragment as the best play we’d ever seen.

 Soon after, it was time to say goodbye to Huis Sommers and get back on the road. After a long journey, everyone returned safely home with many memories to hold onto … and a good few handy Afrikaans phrases!

Thank you to Ms Hanekom and Mr Dicks for being our parents for three days and for organising such an incredible tour! It was definitely “puik!”                        

Sarah Woolard, Grade 11