Bryan Miles comes to Westerford

Bryan Miles comes to Westerford


Last week, Westerford’s Interact and Habitat for Humanity committees hosted an amazing performance by Bryan Miles!

Bryan Miles has studied the human mind through Illusion, Mentalism, Magic and Hypnosis. He has performed in numerous overseas cities such as London and New York, for various celebrities.

Bryan performed lots of amazing ‘tricks’ and Illusions at his performance here at Westerford. He even played with one of the greatest fears of people: getting their phone smashed! He placed a phone from a random member in the audience in one of four paper bags; each of the  three other bags contained a light bulb. Bryan then mixed up the bags and told the member of the audience to point at the bag in which she thought her phone was located; he turned his back so as not to see her choice. With  a hammer in hand, Bryan then proceeded to smash three of the bags, seemingly in a random manner. To the audience's amazement, the phone was in the one bag not smashed - the phone thus making it out scot-free!

Bryan then called up another member of the audience. She selected a completely random friend's name and wrote it on an A3 folio, without his seeing what she’d written. To the audience's astonishment, after a number of complex questions which he asked of her and of the audience, he managed to state exactly what the name was which she had chosen.

Bryan also managed to name a two-digit number which a lady in the audience had selected and - once she was on stage, and after an elaborate process, he astoundingly presented, out of the blue - on an A3, typed in big, bold caps - a detailed description of her, from her hair colour to the type of shirt she was wearing.

There were numerous other illusions and ‘tricks’ throughout the show which blew the audience away. Bryan's talent and humour created a fun, relaxing and mind-blowing experience.

The turnout was very good with over 120 tickets sold for the performance. R8046 was raised at the event of which an impressive amount of R4023 is to go to Habitat for Humanity to help them in their on-going building of houses, and to Interact, to enable them to continue their  excellent outreach projects.

A special thank you goes to Megan Cresswell (11) for liaising with Bryan Miles and organising the event; the Interact and Habitat for Humanity committees, as well as teachers-in-charge, Mr Jordi and Mr Williams respectively.

                                                                                                          Luke van Wyk, Grade 11