Back to Basics Prefect Camp

Back to Basics Prefect Camp

Back 2 Basics

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from their first few days back at school, the 2017 prefect body embarked on a journey to take them to their first prefect pit stop of the year – the coveted Prefects’ Camp.

Spirits were high as the twenty-four strong unit headed to the distant lands of Grabouw to Back 2 Basics – a camp venue that has been used for previous prefect camps for a number of years. Eager for the challenges that lay ahead, the group unpacked their bags into spaciously luxurious tent-dormitories and explored the habitat in which they now found themselves. A huge canteen area, a hamlet of tents, a soccer field (of sorts), famous gauntlet of obstacles courses, a picturesque dam, and a motherly forest greeted them with open arms. The weekend had begun and it would sure be one to remember.

The next three days saw a variety of challenges and learning experiences for the new prefects. The numerous activities built team-work skills, communication, trust and self-confidence – the cornerstones of any great leader, which is what the camp aimed to build in the prefects over the three days. Among the activities included building make-shift rafts on the dam, ascending to great heights on Jacob’s Ladder and the High Ropes, getting down and dirty in an earthly set of obstacle courses, and some spooky moon-lit forest adventures. The prefects really did go back to basics. Each challenge offered something of great value to the body and each day left it much to think about. Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Mather and Mr. Anderson accompanied the body and held informative sessions of paramount importance with the body, teaching them about public speaking, communication, leadership style and how to navigate the year ahead.

There is no doubt in our minds that the Prefects of 2017 will safeguard the standards of Westerford High School and even raise them to new heights, stimulating intelligent, creative and emotional thought among the school’s pupils and staff. Westerford really is in good hands going into 2017 – it will be a year to remember.                 By Yuri Behari-Leak 12A