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Sound Team


The Sound Team is an elite group of dedicated Westerford students tasked with providing one of the most essential services to the School: sound. Sound may involve music, speeches or even sound effects for the school play. It is a time-consuming, labour-intensive commitment, but despite this daunting job description, the members of Sound Team are always dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to complete their mission.

Teacher In Charge

Mr Gordon Brookbanks


James Hilton-Barber

Keenan Manuel

Pranesh Sukha

Brad Farrell

Matthew Thompson

Alex Mailer

Natasha Paarman

Arin Naidu

James Granelli

Greg Orpen-Lyall

Niclaus Duvenage

Azande Kanase

Ranaa Steenkamp

Thomas Falconer

Jordan Wild

Murray Inglis

- (Chairperson)

Brad Farrel


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